Enhancing SEO Through Link Building

Enhancing SEO Through Link Building

Your efforts to improve your SEO may not have gone as planned. Your company is no higher on Google or Bing than before you started using SEO keywords. That may leave you scratching your head and wondering what you can do to improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. A proven method you may not know about or considered is using links (hyperlinks) to improve your results. Using links is like leaving digital bread crumbs for users to follow.  They allow you to guide the user to where you want them to be. There are several things to be kept in mind for links to improve you SERP. Here are a few ideas.


If you want to improve traffic to your website, and indirectly improve your SEO results, then an effective way is back-linking and citations. When you create a page for your company on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, etc, you are creating back-links to your website. These back-links are useful because they not only allow you to post a link to your website; they also leave citations to your business which will consequently help improve your SEO efforts. Back-links can be used to drive traffic to your website and then to social media platforms. The more accounts for your business that are registered with various websites, the greater your link building campaign will work.

Register With Local Websites

It is important to also consider registering your company with local websites like the Chamber of Commerce or Google’s local listings. These local websites let people in your community know you are there while at the same time building upon you back-link strategy. Yet another way to procure more citations is by making sure you have an account with major map aggregators such as Nuestar Localeze and Express Update.  This is vital not only from an SEO standpoint, but also if your company is in retail or food service where walk in traffic is the lifeblood of the business. When someone takes out a smartphone and brings up Google Maps or Apple Maps you want your business to be seen.

Social Media

One of the most potent tools you can use to not only create back links, but to build relationships with customers is social media. An active social media account that interacts with followers can yield results with very little cost. It is important not only to post information on you product, but to comment on follower posts as well so they don’t feel as if they are being spammed. Using hashtags related to your product will draw users from a target demographic to your accounts. When done properly you will receive shares on Facebook and re-tweets on Twitter which create instant back-links.

Quality Content

If you want back-links to work you must provide high-quality content. Shabbily put together landing pages and blog posts won’t generate any interest in your good or services. Content must be well researched, well written, and be attention grabbing. Use vibrant photos instead of clip art to engage the user.  Make sure your font is pleasing to the eye and no grammatical or punctuation errors are present. When something big happens in the news and it is related to your company in some way, post content right away. If you are quick enough you may be used as a source by and back-linked to multiple sites and followers on social media may share your posts, creating more back-links.

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