Make Sure Customers Can Easily Find Your Website

Make Sure Customers Can Easily Find Your Website-2

Your business has made sure it has an online presence that customers can find. You have a website and social media accounts, but very little traffic. What can you do to make sure that more people can find your website? Here are some ways you can drive more traffic to your site.

Use Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, nothing is more fundamental than search engine optimization (or SEO).  A search engine is still the go-to method for most of the world’s population to search for goods and services. Search engines can scan the ever-increasing expanse of the internet to look for specific words and phrases. It is essential to understand what keywords that customers use when they are searching for the type of good or service that your company offers. Using the right SEO keywords will increase your search engine rankings, this means that your company’s website will appear earlier in lists for your product or service.

It is essential to choose the right SEO keywords that are in conjunction with the goods or services your company sells. If you are in New York City, you may want to use the name of the area you are in such as Manhattan as part of your SEO strategy. An example of how this works is “Manhattan Mobile Dog Grooming,” it includes the service and the neighborhood. If your company is in Orlando, Florida, there is no need to use a subset of neighborhoods since the population is not as large as New York City’s. Make sure that you make clear what your company does in your descriptions. “Orlando Law Firm” is too general and does not work as well as “Orlando DUI Law Firm.” With the right amount of attention paid to your SEO marketing strategy, your company will increase traffic to its website.

Use Social Media as a Driver

You have accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it’s time to put them to good use. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to build your brand, interact with customers and drive traffic to your company’s website.  The key to reaching new customers through social media is to deliver consistent and quality content.  You cannot post once a month and expect traffic to flow to your companies website.  Scheduling posts for optimum times and taking advantage of popular hashtags will get your content more views and more shares. It is especially beneficial when your content is shared with links to your website included; this creates multiple backlinks. Search engines such as Google and Bing factor the number of backlinks a site has into their rankings. Simply put, the more shares your links receive on social media, the better your SEO rankings.

Makes sure to use attention-grabbing content in your company’s social media posts and refrain from a sales pitch in every single one. Customers who only see offers in posts tend to feel as if they are being spammed and will either unfollow or block your company’s social media accounts.

Create Top Quality Content

It makes sense that if you are putting the time and effort of marketing your website, the content should be well crafted. If you drive traffic to your company’s website and have shoddily arranged graphics and error-riddled content you will have more bounces than warm-ups at a basketball game.  Graphics should be vivid and engaging; content should be crisp and clear to hold the customer’s attention.  As previously discussed relevant keywords should be used in writing content, but not so much it causes sentences to be awkward and confusing. Remember, what the customer sees on your website is a direct correlation to how they will perceive your company.

If you follow these guidelines for making sure your company’s website can be found, then you can expect to see better analytics right away.

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