Synergy Between WordPress and Social Media

Synergy Between WordPress and Social Media

Your company’s site is on WordPress, and you have multiple social media accounts. We’ll assume you already understand that WordPress is the way of the future due to its functionality you also realize that social media marketing is a permanent fixture in the inbound marketing world.

Even if you think you have done enough to drive customers to your site, did you know that there are multiple plugins available for WordPress that let you manage your social media accounts?

Here is how to get the most out of the relationship between WordPress and Social media.

Choose the Right Social Media Accounts

Choosing the right social media plugins means having the correct social media accounts in the first place. Make sure that your company knows its target demographic well. Research what social media sites the demographic frequents and those they don’t.  Once you know what your target demographic uses, choose the right social media platform from that list which will best fit your company. 

If your company is a law firm and wants to convey ideas, then accounts like Twitter or Facebook may be best. If you’re a florist, then you may want to use Instagram to post pictures of your flowers.

Make sure the Icons for your company’s social media accounts are clearly visible on your WordPress site so that customers can visit them.

Of course, you will want to make sure you have good content on your social media accounts that are consistently shared.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the platforms themselves:


Buffer is an excellent and free way to manage your social media posts. It’s a social media management site that has been taken advantage of for years. It allows you to schedule posts on social media across various platforms.

Buffer is especially handy if you are marketing to customers halfway around the world. The plugin saves you time by allowing you to add posts to your Buffer account through WordPress automatically.

Once customers have been to your social media accounts and visited your website and liked what they saw, they may want to share it which brings us to the next point.

Social Media Sharing Plugins That Get the Most Out of WordPress

You want to increase traffic to your website via customers who know others who are of a like mind. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to add share buttons on your website.

Here are some WordPress social share plugins that can round out the tools available on you company’s WordPress site:


This useful WordPress social media plugin bills itself as “An extensible free social share media ecosystem.” It is a highly customizable way of sharing and optimizing your social media content.  It allows your customers to share your website on several social media platforms quickly. It also has a share counter and uses a Google Analytics integration that lets you track the number of clicks each social media site receives.

Add to Any

You are probably already familiar with Add to Any and its simple but effective sharing icons with share counters. Add to Any is the plugin to use if your target demographic uses very specific forms of social media.

Add to Any has over 100 different sites where you can share your content. It is one of the most popular share plugins for WordPress. It too uses Google Analytics and lets you track URLs shortened through Bitly.

If you use social media plugins on every page of your site it may slow load times, so be sure to check to see if the plugins you choose will be a drag.

Using WordPress plugins can be an easy way to manage and promote your social media accounts.

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