Five Different Ways to Improve Your PPC Campaign

Five Different Ways to Improve Your PPC Campaign

Has your company’s pay per click (PPC) campaign not been producing the results you thought it would? Have you bid high on AdWords and still not getting clicks? Maybe it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy. Here are five different ways you can improve your PPC campaign.

Check the Details

One of the benefits of a PPC ad is that it lets you know what keywords are getting clicks and what keywords are not. By carefully tracking your pay per click results it will allow you to alter your strategy and weed out the less effective keywords. The PPC ads must be checked on a daily or even hourly basis depending on the size and investment of your PPC campaign. This action allows you to make adjustments in real time that can steer your PPC campaign towards success.

Mobile is a Must

One mistake many companies make in PPC campaigns is spending time and money in creating the perfect keywords and making sure that their website has top-flight content and graphics, but they forget to optimize it for smartphones and tablets. Make sure your website’s homepage and product pages are optimized for mobile, this is especially important if your company makes its profits through e-commerce. 

Global sales through e-commerce grew to an astounding 2.68 trillion dollars in 2018, and of those nearly half were made on a mobile device. Consumers have grown to expect the convince of purchasing goods or services on their smartphones and will quickly bounce from your e-commerce site if it doesn’t fit right on the screen.  If you want to have clicks become conversions from mobile devices, the best bet is to hire a web design company that specializes in optimizing sites for mobile.

Get More Calls to Action into Your Ad Through Site Links

In your PPC ad, there is space below the ad copy that can be used for a link that can be several things such as a location on a map or the price of a product. These links are called site links because the text links back to your website or a product page.  You can use a site link to create another call to action in order to help persuade a customer who is on the fence about clicking your ad that it is the right action.

Include Incentives

Giving a customer a coupon or a free digital download if they click on an ad will help to generate more traffic from your PPC ad. If you offer a free digital download, make sure it is something relevant to the products or services your company provides. This strategy is also an excellent way to build your brand by offering something that expresses your company’s unique identity.

Outspend the Competition

When all else fails, increasing the amount your company is willing to have your PPC ad seen is an effective, albeit an expensive way to ensure your ad will be visible. Taking this kind of action should only be done after you have tracked and determined what keywords work the best. Blindly throwing money into a PPC ad is not likely to produce the kind of results you are expecting. Using keywords that have proven effective and testing similar keywords as you gradually increase the PPC ad budget can yield impressive results.

While it is true that in terms of PPC ads you have to spend money to make money, but there is a caveat, you need to be sure that your company has the capital to increase the budget for your PPC ads. It makes no sense to overspend on PPC ads if your business is a small one; the company may not last to reap the benefits of the PPC ads.

Keep in mind that using a company that specializes in PPC ads and SEO can produce the most dramatic results. They have professionals who keep track of the latest research and trends and incorporate them into their PPC ad strategy.  Regardless of if you decide to create your own PPC ads or have a company that specializes in them do it; following these tips will help bring positive results.

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