What You Should Know About UX Design

If your company doesn’t know what the concept of UX design is, and is serious about inbound marketing, then it is something you should know. UX stands for user experience and is predicated on making the interaction between a given product or service a satisfying and relevant experience. For our purposes, UX design relates to your company’s website.  Why is UX design so vital to the success or failure of your inbound marketing? Let’s take a deeper dive into the importance of UX design.

Why Your Website Should Be UX Design Focused.

It is a fact that the amount of time people are willing to wait for a website to load has shrunk exponentially from the early days of the internet where it could take half an hour for certain sites to load, to today where the maximum amount of time the average user is willing to wait for a website to load is three seconds.  Ensuring your website does not take more than three seconds to load is part of UX design.

Giving the customer not only what they expect, but striving to exceed those expectations. If your website is full of drab colors, uninteresting content, and flat graphics you can be sure your bounce rate will be a high one.  Engaging graphics, language, and vibrant color all work together to hold a customer’s attention.

You don’t want to make your website hard to navigate, a customer who wants to purchase a soccer ball does not want to go through fifteen steps to do it. The more difficult it is to purchase something or perform an action, the faster the customer will leave your website.

Load times, graphics, content, and ease of use all fit together to form user experience; this is UX design in a nutshell. UX design means happier customers who will be willing to stay on your site longer. If a customer has a negative experience on your website, numerous studies show they will not be back.

Easy on the Eyes

Good UX design dictates that colors should be dynamic and work well together, but don’t use colors so harsh it is hard on the user’s eyes. Chartreuse is not a good color to use for UX design.  Make sure the colors you use complement each other and pay particular attention to contrast. 

Artists have been perfecting what color work best together since the caves at Lascaux. Since that time there has been a wealth of information written on the subject. Just doing a little research should guide you to what colors work best together. Make sure that the colors and content you use are in line with your company’s branding guide. Good UX design is an excellent way to build your brand.

Good UX Design Means a Better Bottom Line

If a customer is on your website and finds it interesting and engaging, they will spend more time on it. Increased user times mean an increased chance they will purchase your goods or services.  If your site has poor UX design, there is little to no chance of a purchase being made. This issue is why good UX design is vital if your business is dependent on e-commerce. 

Good UX design means a simple, clean, and appealing design. Your company’s intentions may be good, but packing your website with irrelevant content and huge images that slow load time will only serve to frustrate customers. Having too many effects, that confuse users will lead to a higher bounce rate. Having that much code put into your website means more time to fix it and more expenditures. Keeping your site simple will lead to increased revenue and less money spent fixing it.

To Sum Up

If you want your customers to have a great experience that is convenient and pleasant, that will bring them back time and again, then good UX design is a must.

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