Remarketing Strategies for Success

The majority of visitors coming to a business’ website for the first time are not likely ready to buy. Instead, these people are probably doing research to see what is available for their particular situation. They are obviously interested in what the site is selling though. Why else would they have gone to it? Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a crucial tool to help these visitors finally make the decision to become a customer.

Develop a Strategy

Placing a remarketing tag on your site will track visitors who have gone to one or more of your web pages but not taken action. Working with an appropriate vendor will enable ads for your business to then appear on other sites when these people surf the web. As a potential customer continues to see your advertising, this strategy will keep your brand front and center in their mind. Combined with the right promotion, this person can then be enticed to take action. One thing to consider is that odds are at least some of your competitors are already doing this, and it’s likely these prospective customers visited their sites too.

Target the Right Audience

Because remarketing is more than merely serving the same ad to every person who visited your website, campaign optimization is needed. Optimal remarketing campaigns segment site visitors appropriately and serve ads based on their behavior. Someone who viewed a page about a specific product or service will likely respond to an offer relating to what they showed interest in. A visitor who only went to your home page might react better to something more generic. Taking this logic to an extreme can result in a tangled web of customer segments and promotions. Don’t make things too complicated. Try a small number of remarketing offers first. Find out what your customers respond to. Grow from there.

Great Ads

Creating eye-catching advertising for your remarketing campaigns is imperative. Because these ads will exist on another website unrelated to your business, your promotion needs to draw someone’s attention away from the site in question. Strive to find images related to your brand that really stand out. Consider putting something colorful against a plain background. Use unique photography. These ads can be served in different shapes, usually banners or squares. Find creative use of that space.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are a critical part of remarketing. You have a limited area to convince someone to click through to your site. Words are at a premium. Choose strong verbs encouraging action. The offer needs to be simple enough to be grasped in seconds. Because it needs to persuade someone to follow through, it needs to be meaningful.

Don’t Overdo It

One pitfall of remarketing is that potential customers may be overloaded with advertising for your brand. There is a line where seeing the same offer over and over again becomes annoying or even creepy. To avoid being associated with those emotions by setting up frequency caps. That way your ad will only be seen by someone a certain number of times a day. Like targeting, it can be challenging to determine the right amount of daily impressions. Until you find a response sweet spot, start on the smaller side and gradually increase the frequency.

The Bottom Line

Marketing is not a one size fits all proposition. Many tools can and should be used. Remarketing is an option that will help increase your brand awareness and capture interested prospects. Targeting your site’s casual visitors as they surf the web with appropriate offers using well-designed advertising will help convert them into paying customers.    

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