How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Engine

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Your business’ website has to do many things. It needs to provide information about who you are and what you do. In-depth details about your products and offerings should be available. Basic customer service functions are a necessity. Along with these items, your site also has to be designed to generate leads. Potential customers will be visiting your website every day, and you cannot afford to let them get away. Some basic principles will help you turn your web presence into a lead generation engine.

Customer Focused Design

Any well-functioning engine has to have a good design. Your website is no different. The user experience must be engaging, and it should be easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Pages should not be overly cluttered. Something as simple as having a useful sitemap that is easy to access can be a valuable tool.

It should go without saying that your pages need to be designed for the mobile experience. This goes beyond how things look on a smaller screen. Since many people will be looking at your website on their phone, give them an easy way to call you with one click.

Provide Multiple Means of Contact

Many customers will prefer reaching out to you in ways other than a phone call. Including a website contact form is a great way to capture these prospects. The form should be as simple as possible with only a few key fields. It should be easily accessible with just one click. Test regularly to be sure the form is working correctly. Nothing is more off-putting than errors preventing a form from being submitted.

If your company can have someone available for live chat, that is an excellent option. Including an email address is fine but be prepared for the spam that can often go along with this. Social media links such as Facebook Messenger can be useful as well.

Compelling Content

The words on your website must be clear and concise, providing pertinent information. They have to be on point to what your business is offering and highly persuasive as to why someone should consider you. Customer testimonials or other forms of storytelling can be highly effective. Choose the photos or graphics you integrate with the words carefully. A bold headline with a captivating hero photo can immediately draw someone in.

Calls to Action

The goal of lead generation is to entice a customer to take action. In an ideal world, this would mean a site visitor clicks on a link to buy what you are selling. While this should be one of your goals, other options should be provided for those people not yet ready to do that. Offering downloadable content, such as a free PDF, in exchange for a customer’s email address is a great way to capture information about a potential lead. Calls to actions like these should be prominent throughout a customer’s experience on your site. Having the offer scroll is one way to make this happen. Providing the offer when a customer is about to abandon your website is another.

Great Parts Make a Great Engine

An engine requires many elements to work efficiently. Pistons, valves, and spark plugs work in concert to keep a car engine humming. Similarly, all of the components on your website have to work together. A great design, coupled with compelling content, strong calls to action, and multiple means of contact will help your site generate leads.   

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