Why Your Company Needs to Consider Smart Speakers in Its SEO Strategy

Why Your Company Needs to Consider Smart Speakers in Its SEO Strategy_01

Smart speakers have only been on the market for a few years, but to those who use them, they are an indispensable item that feels as if it has already been around for years. As with the rise of the smartphone over a decade ago, there will be companies who see the marketing potential of smart speakers, and there will be those who will react too late.

Companies who seek to understand how smart speakers are being used and how they can adjust their SEO strategy to reflect smart speakers stand to gain an edge. Already according to NPR at least 7% of the U.S. population aged 12years or older own either Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  With the success of these smart speakers more are sure to follow, let’s take a more in-depth look at SEO and Smart Speakers.

How Smart Speakers are Being Utilized

When smart speakers’ owners initially used the devices, it was, by and large, to listen to audio. Being able to listen to Amazon music or Google Play as well as old time radio shows or white noise were the most popular uses. Gradually the habits of smart speaker owners began to change.  Checking the weather, turning on and off lights plugged into smart plugs or adjusting the thermostat became more frequent. Even those who are traditionally resistant to new technology have come to appreciate the convenience of smart speakers and use them as part of their everyday life.

A staggering 42% of smart speaker users consider smart speakers as a sort of companion and out of that group 65% can’t imagine returning to life without it. Now people are using them to find nearby companies that provide services or goods.  Finding restaurants has become one of the more popular uses for smart speakers. With these numbers in mind, it is easy to see why smart speakers must be considered in any SEO strategy.

Marketing to Smart Speakers

One of the challenges that marketers face in crafting their SEO strategy is how to inform their customers to seek them with smart speakers. Many radio stations can be played on smart speakers, and that is why you may have heard advertisements on your local radio station teaching listeners how to ask smart speakers for their station including the call letters.

This clarification is essential because if they use the name of the station such as “Hot FM” they could bring up a station anywhere in the world with the same name. Similarly, your company needs to be sure it has a business profile on the most used search engines; Google is obviously a must for the Google Home. When a user asks a smart speaker for the nearest personal injury attorney or coffee shop, your company will be listed.

SEO for Smart Speakers

Smart speakers searches are clearly different than traditional search engine searches. Some smart speakers now have screens, but by and large, it is an audio search. There is currently no form of PPC for smart speakers, yet you can still craft an SEO strategy for smart speakers. Here are a few things to consider when planning your smart speaker SEO strategy. As a local business, your company needs to think in terms of frequently asked questions about what you do.

If you’re a remodeling company, then your questions may be asked such as:

  • What is the cost to remodel a house?
  • When is the best time to remodel?
  • Can remodeling increase my home’s resale value?

An Ice Cream Parlor’s questions might sound like:

  • Is there an ice cream parlor nearby?
  • Where can I get rocky road ice cream?
  • Are there any ice cream parlors open right now?

Remember that smart speakers only give one answer at a time, so it is essential that you include things like hours of operation and pricing in your search engine business profile. You do not want a business further away from the customer to be the answer to any questions because you neglected to list everything about your business.

While it is still an emerging field for SEO, it is clear that if your company is ahead of the pack with smart speakers, it stands to reap the benefits.

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