Can Email Help with SEO?

It may seem strange to consider, but email can boost your SEO efforts. Although email has been around since the very beginning of the internet nearly thirty years ago, it has not lost its usefulness or popularity, especially when it comes to business to business communications. At this point sending business documents via text is still problematic and is unlikely to replace email. Upwards of 200 billion emails are sent on a daily basis, so it remains a staple of the internet and will so for some time to come. What this means to your company and your SEO campaign is that email is a valuable, and free way to help improve your search engine results page (SERP) placement.

Driving Users to Your Website through Email

Of course, we all know about including your company’s web address in the signature line of your email, but there are many more ways to use email to bolster your SEO campaign. If you are a business with a large number of customers, and in possession of their email addresses, then you have a valuable tool in getting your content seen. With email, you can share your content with your best customers, which will lead to likely visits to your site and may lead to inbound links, social media awareness, and shares. Make sure to make the emails sharable to get more clicks on your links. You can send a collection of previous posts on your website to drive visits; this is an excellent way to get clicks on various pages across your company’s website.

You can send notices of sales or promote a new product through email to drive traffic to your site. You can also use a strategy utilized in pay per click campaigns in your email to attract customers. Send an email with a link promising something such as a free digital download or a coupon to drive clicks. Giving something away for free, not surprisingly, is one of the most effective ways to drive customers to your site. Include share icons which let your email recipients instantly and easily share your content or offers with their followers. If this increases email and social media shares by even a few times could be a new way to increase your brand awareness while driving traffic to your site simultaneously.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When you use email to drive traffic to your website, it costs your company almost nothing. It costs nearly zero dollars to set up an account with a service such as MailChimp, where everything is free until the 2,000 subscribers mark has been reached. Consequently, this makes email a solid choice for content promotion when compared to paid advertising like PPC, print ads, or broadcast advertisements. Because content promotion is so vital for a productive SEO campaign, email provides a budget-friendly method for doing so — as long as you have an email list with enough subscribers.

Search Engines Don’t Take Email’s Use in SEO Into Account

Email marketing does not affect your search engine rankings. You will not be penalized for sending out a massive email blast with links to your content included. However, this could get your email address blacklisted, so proceed with caution. Sending out smaller email blasts will reduce the chance your email address gets marked as belonging to a spammer. Search engines won’t index the content in your emails, nor will they consider your email traffic when calculating your authority. All the SEO effects gained through email are indirect.

So, the answer is yes, email can be used as a cost-effective and powerful tool to improve your SEO campaign.

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