Seven Highly Effective Web Designs and Why They Work

If your company is going to expend capital on a PPC or SEO campaign, then it is wise that its website is optimized prior to your marketing department starts to pay for AdWords. Regardless if you’re are a new company or a long-established one, your website needs to hold a user’s attention and guide them toward the action you are hoping they will take.  Here are several different methods for engaging web design that will make customers want to stay on your site, and visit again.

Typography Based Web Design

The fonts you use and the way that you use them on your company’s website will have a significant impact on users. Typography helps to foster an immediate reaction from users. Typography goes further than relating a story; it tells the user about your brand and what your company wants to convey. When done correctly the type of your website uses font will create a tone and bring about an emotional response much in the same way color does. As a fundamental of web design, typography can help or hurt your website.  Remember to use a font that will be both beneficial to your site on a desktop or mobile device.

Illustration and Artwork Based Web Design

Illustration based type of arrangement is a handy piece of artillery to have in your arsenal when it comes to web design. After all, the idea is to grab and keep a user’s attention. Bright illustrations and moving cartoons are an excellent way to convey your brand at once. These artworks can help bring vitality to web design.  And where web design is concerned, there is a wide variety of ways to implement illustrations. The method has become an integral part of a web layout through its eye-catching and interactive features. This type of design also helps users relax and relate a positive experience with your company. You can use company logos, mascots, and colors to reinforce your brand.

Minimalist Web Design

Less is more when it comes to minimalist web design. The main idea behind minimalism is to get down to the main point trough design that eliminates all unnecessary bells and whistles. In this way, you can convey your message without distraction. It’s a style that continues to be popular because it lends itself to easy navigation and the user being able to find what they are looking for quickly.

Nature-Based Web Design

Using imagery and sounds from nature in web design creates a calming effect common with experiencing the green trees and foliage of nature. This design immediately relaxes the user and makes them want to stay on your site.  This type of web layout is best for nature related business such as an organic farm or tree nursery.

Flat Web Design

This approach to web design is very similar to minimalistic. This type of design emphasizes usability over detail. It features clean, spacious area, sharp edges, vibrant colors, and two-dimensional/flat illustrations. Instead of turning a real-life object such as a clock into an object that appears to have three dimensions, the object is made into a tiny icon much like the apps on a smartphone. This design is for ease of use and to make finding what a user wants quick and easy.

Black and White Web Design

Black and White web design is always striking in its stark, unapologetic appearance. If you want to get a message across combine typography design and minimalist design with Black and White. The idea you want a user to have will be heard loud and clear. This design also means faster load times, and that it’s viewable on older PCs. 

Photographic Based Web Design

Sometimes having a single large photograph on your homepage can convey your brand and the product or service your company is selling in one fell swoop. Place smaller Icons at the top or side of the screen to product pages as not to distract from the effectiveness of the picture. The downside of having such a large image could be slower load times.

Choosing the right type of web design for your company can help both with SEO and building your brand. Is your website working for you? If it’s not doing what you’d like it to, let  MosierData help. Contact us here or call 863-687-0000 to find out more. 

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