Everything You Need to Know About Parallax Scrolling


Parallax scrolling has become a popular way to make a website more visually appealing to users by using a visually engaging method to grab a user’s attention. It is becoming more frequent, and even Google has started giving preferential treatment on websites that have longer scrolls. So, what is parallax scrolling? Let’s delve into what parallax scrolling does and why it is being used more and more.

What is Parallax?

It is a technique where layered components on your screen are moved through scrolling. Anything in the site’s foreground scrolls slightly quicker than the images or typography in the background. It creates a sense of depth while a user scrolls down the page. Parallax effects are specifically produced to make your site dynamic and dramatic. The effects capture your visitors’ attention holds it; the user cares more about your content because of the way it is being presented. It is at once, stylish and professional. Parallax design goes hand and hand with UX design because of its sense of depth and motion enhance the user experience.

Practical Applications for Parallax Scrolling

As previously stated, parallax scrolling enhances the user experience, but it is more than just an eye-popping effect. Parallax scrolling makes a page that would have previously seemed static and uninteresting suddenly interesting and something that can hold a user’s attention span. These visuals make mundane activities such as filling out surveys or signing up for a site a little less of a chore. Which means if you are attempting to obtain data from your customers, it is less likely they will abandon filling out a form because they become bored while scrolling through links to it.

Acts as a Border

Changing backgrounds as the user scrolls down the page can act as a border from one subject to the next on the website. It will make the sections easier for you to define and organize and easier for visitors to your site to understand as they scroll down the page.

Funnel Users to Active Calls to Action

Parallax scrolling is also an excellent way to funnel your visitors towards a strong call to action. The sense of building towards something creates a sense of curiosity in the user.  As they read through the content and as font scrolls upwards like credits on a movie screen, the user feels a sense of excitement as they arrive at your call to action. Make sure that your call to action uses strong language, but don’t be overly dramatic or you may turn some visitors away.

Drawbacks to Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is an excellent way to grab a visitor’s attention on your site’s homepage, but don’t overdo it. If you use parallax scrolling on every landing page or product page, you run the risk of your site seeming to be too flashy, all style and no substance. It can be used on other pages where there are a large number of PDFs or image files to scroll through, this makes the page a little more interesting, but parallax scrolling should be used on a limited number of pages.

Know Your Audience

It is also wise to consider who your target audience is before using parallax scrolling. If your primary customers are technology wary senior citizens than using parallax scrolling can be both intimidating and confusing.

Load Time

Another issue to consider in the use of parallax scrolling is load time. Parallax scrolling can often mean slower load times, and in a world where users expect instantaneous loading, it can mean higher bounce rates. Make sure that your site host has enough speed for your site to load with parallax scrolling, and make sure your target demographic is likely to use newer computers and mobile devices.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that parallax scrolling can be an enticing and stunning effect that will capture a user’s attention; the question is, will that attention be positive or negative?

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