Using PPC for Demand Generation

Using Demand Generation for PPC

Has your company’s pay per click (PPC) campaign not measured up to what you thought it would? Have you sunk a sizable portion of your marketing budget into bids so that your ad is guaranteed to be seen by potential customers, but you are still not getting the results that justify the amount you have been spending? Or maybe you are getting conversions from your PPC efforts, but they are one-time customers. If either of these describes your company, perhaps you are taking the wrong approach when it comes to your marketing strategy for the long run. Changing tactics through PPC could bring about the outcome you are expecting. Let’s examine what demand generation is and how it could benefit your company with regards to PPC.

A Long Term Strategy

Demand generation is a perpetual strategy that creates want or perceived need around a good or service you are selling. It incorporates your company’s marketing efforts to capture customer attention and excite them about your various products or services.  Demand generation is intended to nurture customers for the long term through sales and marketing. Demand generation is about creating a long-term engagement with your customer base while keeping a strategic focus.

How Can PPC Enhance Demand Generation?

Of course, you want clicks on your website when it comes to PPC, but that in of itself is a short-sighted strategy. In addition to running PPC ads that drive customers to your website, there are tactics you can use through PPC to grow long term customer relationships and brand loyalty. Remember for demand generation to work; you must have a detailed knowledge of who your customers are and what they want. Ironically, PPC is also one of the best ways to learn about your core customers. There should be a symbiotic relationship between demand generation and PPC.  Here are some ways PPC can help your company to grow and increase its repeat customers.

Give it Away

Giveaways are a strategy as old as marketing itself. In the not so distant past, before the digital age, businesses would ask customers to put their business cards in a fishbowl in exchange for being entered into a drawing. The prize, let’s say it was a restaurant, was usually a free lunch. It was a simple way to create leads and find out about their core customers. In the same way, you can use your PPC to generate leads and learn who your customers are and what they need. Offering a free download through a PPC ad is an excellent way to get clicks and gather customer data. Just ask the customer to fill out a short survey to receive their download. Alternately, you could offer a coupon or loyalty card to get the same information.

Tell Them the News

Another simple way to reach customers and foster a long-lasting relationship is by offering a signup for your newsletter. When a customer clicks on your PPC ad in order to receive a newsletter, there is a genuine interest in what your company’s goods or services. This method lets you reach a customer who may not be ready to convert when they sign up for your newsletter, but who are likely to make a purchase later on. It lets you nurture a customer and bring them to the point where they are ready to make a transaction with your company.

Talk it Over

Having your PPC ad offer a webinar regarding your good or service is an excellent way to build your brand and cultivate customer loyalty. As with newsletters, a customer who signs up for a webinar is someone who is likely to convert. It gives detailed information about your goods or services and allows potential customers to have their questions answered. Make sure the subject of the webinar hints at how your product can help them, such as “Better toasting methods for Worlds Greatest Bread brand bread.” Also make sure that if your good or service is complex, have someone who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of that product; they should also be at least somewhat personable.

In Conclusion

PPC is not only a great tool to enhance your SEO campaigns; it can be a vital tool in developing and retaining customer loyalty for years or even decades through demand generation.

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