What You Should Know About Site Hosting for WordPress

What You Should Know About Site Hosting for WordPress

If you are like 75 million-plus websites, then you are using WordPress for your company’s site. WordPress is highly versatile, allowing for customization through scalability and plugins; its no wonder so many companies use it. It also stands to reason that the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is the most widely used e-commerce platform. If you are going to migrate to WordPress, then you probably want to use the right site host to get the most out of your website. There are some things you should know before choosing a site host for WordPress.

Free Does Not Mean Free From Worry

You may be tempted to use one of the many free hosting services that say they are optimized for WordPress; they really are not. If it’s free, it’s shared hosting. For the uninitiated, shared hosting is where a number of websites share the same server. The problem with shared hosting is every website competing for the same resources. If one, or more, of the sites sharing the same server as your website, have an increase in traffic, that means slower load times for everyone.

If you are switching to WordPress its probably because you are serious about your website’s functionality and SEO, a site that loads at a snail’s pace will undermine all the work put in on your site and will hamper your SEO. Google and other search engines factor in page speed into their rankings, you are sure to experience slow load speeds with free or discount site-hosts. You can have the best SEO expert on the planet behind your site’s content, and if downtime happens due to your site-host, then it won’t matter at all. People can’t visit a website that has gone black. There are also security concerns and a lack of support with discount site-hosts.  So, beware of free site-hosts for WordPress, they may cost you more than you realize.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Site Host for your WordPress Website

Do your homework when choosing a web host for WordPress; find out what features the site host has that fit your company’s individual needs. Are you a small business and won’t have constant traffic? Are you a mid-sized to a larger company and need a site host who can handle a high rate of traffic and promises no downtime? Does your WordPress website need faster speeds due to its animations, vibrant graphics, and larger images? Are you a small business owner who is maintaining your own website and need to reach customer support at any hour? Whoever the site host you go with is, make sure that they fit your needs.

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