Reaching Your Target Demographic Through Facebook Ads

As we move into 2020, you may be looking at ways to better reach your target demographic and persuade them to visit your website. Having increased traffic is even more vital if you are an e-commerce based company; the more visits to your site, the greater the chance of conversions into sales. Perhaps your goal is to build brand recognition and loyalty; playing the long game to increase sales. You most likely are going to embark on a marketing campaign which will include search engine optimization (SEO) and utilize pay per click (PPC) advertisements. It is the second part of your marketing campaign we are going to focus on and how Facebook ads can be a powerful tool to reach your target demographic. Here are some tips for using Facebook Audience Insights to reach your goal.

An Insightful Tool

If you are looking for a way to reach a niche group of customers, Facebook Audience Insights is invaluable. What does it do? It gives you aggregate data on three things.

  • Users connected to your Facebook Page.
  • Users in your custom audience.
  • Users on Facebook.

Having this data will give you an edge by allowing you to generate more compelling content and to locate more users in your target demographic.

How Do I find Facebook Audience Insights?

The first thing is; you need to set up a Facebook Page for Your Business if you do not already have one. After you have made sure that your business’s Facebook page is in order, you next need to locate the Facebook Ads Manager; then find Facebook Audience Insights.

How Does Facebook Audience Insights Work?

One aspect of Facebook Audience Insights that makes it so dynamic is that it results-based and is continually updated, which means it’s tools remain effective. It allows you to gather data on your target demographic’s market trends.  Perhaps the most useful tool Facebook Audience Insights has to reach your target is People Insights; which allows you to gather data on user behavior broken down by age group, geographical location, and devices used. 

Using Facebook Audience Insights will give you the ability to create ads, measure their reach, and analyze their success or failure. The tool, when used correctly, will reveal who your actual customers are, a wide range of data on what they like, and their online behavior. This data is so useful it can be used to help craft your ads for search engines and your SEO campaigns as well.

Should You Set up Facebook Audience Insights Yourself?

There is a question of skill and time involved with using Facebook Audience Insights. If you are not familiar with PPC advertising and the principles involved in creating an effective ad, then it may not be something you want to undertake yourself. It is also something you don’t want to set up without putting thought into it, rushing through as you set it up may not yield positive results. If either one of those scenarios describes you, then you should seek to use a reputable web design and marketing agency that has both the knowledge of how to craft PPC ads and experience doing it. Don’t use someone you found on Craigslist to perform such an important task. When set up correctly, Facebook Audience Insights has the potential to increase traffic to your website and thereby conversions substantially.

So, if you are looking for a way to identify and reach your target customers in 2020, Facebook Audience Insights should be one of the tools in your arsenal.

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