Using Wheel Popups on WordPress

Are you using WooCommerce for your e-commerce store and looking for a way to increase conversions? Maybe you have updated your site with better content and streamlined the checkout process. But are you are still looking for something to help push your sales over the top. Wheel popups may be the answer you have been seeking. Wheel popups, also known as discount wheel popups are “games” that are popular with visitors because of their interactive nature. Visitors feel as if they are on a game show where they can win a prize. All they need to do is enter their email address into the field and click to spin. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a wheel popup to your e-commerce site.

A Popup Wheel Can Grow Your Mailing List

It can be hard to get enough customers to voluntarily sign up for a mailing list. It’s especially true when they have not registered or purchased something from your online store. People are more willing to willingly give an email address when there is the prospect of getting something for free; even if that is only a discount. Research shows that people are willing to give their email addresses in a popup, even if there is no prize. A recent study by AWeber, a company who makes email marketing software, shows that a popup can collect 1,375% more email subscriptions than a sidebar. Imagine how many more are willing to give their email address if there is a chance, they may get something in return.

Offering a Discount as a Prize Can Lead to More Conversions

In a recent study by VoucherCloud, they found that over half of e-commerce customers in the survey stated they would have abandoned their shopping cart without a coupon. Over 90% of e-commerce customers surveyed said they would return to a site that offered coupons or discounts. A clothing company that has both online and brick and mortar locations boasted a 560% return on investment through gamified activities.

What Should You Offer Customers?

What prizes you place on your discount wheel is entirely up to you and what you can discount or give away as a company. Don’t make deep discounts on your wheel so frequent that it impacts your bottom line.  Only give discounts or prizes that you can afford. If you are a large enough company that you have gift cards, offering them as a prize on your wheel is an excellent way to ensure customers will purchase from your online store.

Studies have consistently shown that when receiving a gift card with a value as low as $5, they will spend more on an item than the worth of the card. If your company offers digital downloads of something like music or videos, you could have a free download as one of your prizes.  It is best not to have the wheel to have an option for no prize; after all, this is about improving your customer’s experience and getting conversions.

What Discount Wheel Popup Should I use on WordPress?

There are several discount popup wheels for WordPress; it really depends on what your goal is with your customers as to which you should use. Here are a few of the most popular wheel popups for WordPress.


OptinMonster is an opt-in forms tool that assists you to get more email subscriptions.


OptinSpin is a plugin for coupon code wheels that works with both WordPress and WooCommerce. It has an option where users receive their coupon code via email. This concept works because it reminds the customer thorough their email inbox. It allows them to use the code right away, or they can return later when they want to buy.

There are too many discount wheels to list them all, but you can do a search to find one that has the options you are looking for if two listed above don’t meet your needs.

As you can read, using popup wheels are an excellent way to boost your e-commerce conversions.

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