Ways Instagram Can Generate Organic Leads

As the popularity of Instagram continues to grow, so does its potential for your business to reach new customers. There are a number of ways Instagram can generate organic leads for your business. So, regardless if you are an e-commerce based company or an old fashioned brick and mortar business, Instagram can be a valuable tool. Let’s see just how Instagram can generate organic leads.

Instagram Drives Superior Organic Leads

With Instagram, the user has to go through several steps before they click the link to your website. Why is that important? A user sees the content before they click a link, so they have an interest in what your site offers. This method to produce organic leads is nearly as good as the traffic driven by a search engine because the customer has a need or want of what your business sells or does.

Only Names and Usernames are Searchable

At the moment, the only searchable things on Instagram are someone’s name and username. Because of this issue, you have to think outside the box. Let’s say you are promoting your floristry business on Instagram. How can you take advantage of the username and name being searchable? Be sure to use the word florist in both. You could use a name like “Dave Jones the Lakeland Florist” or a username such as “MarytheLakelandFlorist”. In this way, you have an advantage over other florists in your area who may not realize names are searchable. This is an excellent method to generate organic leads.

Make Sure to Include Your URL

Including your URL may be obvious, but businesses frequently overlook it on Instagram. Including your website in your bio is a good way to drive traffic to your website, especially if the user arrived there by searching your name or username. They have a specific interest in what your business does. The likelihood of their visit to your website converting into a sale has a high probability.

Who Are You?

Your bio is your chance to pitch your business to prospective customers. Be clear about what your company does, its history, and how it can benefit your potential customers. Make sure there is a strong call to action at the end that will make people want to click on your websites URL. Remember use language efficiently because you are limited to 150 characters. Use emojis sparingly, too many appear unprofessional. There is a school of thought that slang is acceptable in your bio. Using slang if you are a group of neuro-surgeon or a law firm is probably not wise. Conversely, if your business is a toy store or you are a party clown, emojis and slang can be part of your branding.  If you are uncertain of how to handle your bio, there are agencies that can help you to craft the ideal bio.

Have Great Content

Another thing that goes without saying is that you should have great content on your Instagram account. Use vibrant, emotion-evoking pictures. Make sure to include pictures of your product. Videos on Instagram can be highly useful. Insightful videos that show behind the scenes at your business can build interest in both your brand and your product. A video showing your product in action and how it can make life easier for an Instagram user is a good way to drive conversions.

If you are in the greater Lakeland area and want guidance to maximizing your business Instagram account, call us or fill out our online contact form. Someone from our staff will be happy to discuss how to improve your Instagram account. Don’t let an opportunity get away, call now!

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