Benefits of Adding an Interactive Map to Your Website

Benefits of Adding an Interactive Map to Your Website

If you are looking for a way to help engage your customers in addition to great content, vibrant graphics and emotion invoking hero images, then you should consider an interactive map. It is especially useful if you are a retail location or a local travel agency. Here are the benefits of adding an interactive map to your website.

For More Than Just Directions

Sure, you can add an interactive map to your site if you are a retail location to show where you are located, but it can do so much more than that. Inserting the right data into your map, such as relevant statistics, can help sell your products or service.

Let’s go back to our example of a travel agency. Adding an interactive map showing all the cities around the globe and major attractions you can plan a vacation for will help your customers to understand what you can do for them. You can take it a step further and add cruise ship routes and where to find boarding points.

Staying with our example of a travel agency, perhaps the agency specializes in outdoor adventure. Such a travel agency could post an interactive map showing hiking trails, bike paths, and where someone could camp. Perhaps a map that shows mountains that can be climbed and their elevation would benefit an outdoor travel agency.

Now think in terms of a real estate company. An interactive map for real estate can show available homes and their pricing. Adding what the floorplans to homes and pictures can go a long way to help a real estate agent close a sale.

A shopping mall can use a mobile-friendly interactive map to show where stores, restaurants and restrooms are located all on a customers smartphone. In a similar way, a college may use it to show students where buildings and dorms are located on campus. Some museums have used them to show their floorplans. When a point on the map is hovered over, a picture is shown of a painting or sculpture. Large trade shows can use a mobile-friendly interactive map to show where vendors have set up their booths. Conventions can use a map in a similar way to show the time a featured guest will be speaking.

You can see from these examples of how effective a tool an interactive map can be to improving user experience (UX) and to help improve conversions.

Keep Your Customer Engaged

One of the issues that your company may face with their website is how to keep people engaged. The average session length (ASL) is just under thirty seconds. Increasing session time will give you an edge. But how? Aside from a blog which you update often, there may not be much else on your site. Having an interactive map on your website keeps a customer engaged, and they are less likely to bounce.

Decreased bounce rate is a factor in getting more conversions. If your interactive map is interesting and informative such as a historical map that shows major events from the past, you may see an increase in return visits, which will also increase conversions.

Mosier Data Can Build Your Interactive Map

If you see a benefit to adding an interactive map to your website, we can help. Call us or fill out our simple online contact form. Someone from our expert staff will be in touch to discuss adding an interactive map to your website, and any other improvements we can make. Add an engaging, interactive map today!

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