How Well Do Your Keywords Rank?

How Well Do Your Keywords Rank

While the changes at Google have affected the landscape of SEO, one thing still remains the same is that you must have relevant, effective keywords. Yes, packing keywords will land you in Google jail, but you still need to have a number of relevant ones. You may say “I hear what you are saying, but how do I know how good my keywords are?”  That is a good question. Without further ado, here is the answer to how well do your keywords rank.


In order to understand if your keywords are effective or not, they need to be tested. It is a must for anyone who cares about their SEO rankings to test them. If you don’t have keywords in mind when you post a blog or publish a website, then you are destined to fail. The good news is that some useful tools on the internet let you test them before you use them. Here are some of the better keyword testing sites on the web.


Ask just about any SEO specialist what site they use to test their keywords and the most likely response will be SEMrush.  The site lets you enter in your URL, and it checks to see which keywords you used are currently ranking. It enables you to choose between Google and Bing to see how your keywords rank on each search engine. SEMrush even lets you track them, notifying you when a ranking changes. The site is not free, but if you are serious about finding keywords that will rank, it is worth the price.


AccuRanker is similar to SEMrush but has some differences. It has an interface with Google Search Console that makes tracking keywords easy. It allows you to manually enter them or view suggestions for your URL. Like SEMrush, it works with Bing as well.


Ahrefs is a powerful keyword generator, much in the same way SEMrush works. It gives you detailed data on your organic keywords from a rank tracker that can prove quite handy. It allows you to create a new “project” by entering your URL into a simple search box. You can also use the equally simple search feature that gives you a list based on the target keyword you enter. There are also extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

What’s My SERP?

What’s My SERP is a basic, user-friendly site is free and great for those who do not want to delve into the more technical aspects of keyword tracking. All you need to do is enter your URL and the what you want to track, one at a time. It can also be set to check your keyword rankings regionally, so you can gauge how you are doing against local competition.  The only drawback to this site is that it limits you to ten searches a day. It also saves your keywords, so you don’t have to enter them in each time you use them.

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