Why Is Web Accessibility Important for Businesses?

why is web accessibility important

Most business owners want to make sure site visitors have the best user experience possible. You’ve done extensive research, trying to make sure you have the right images, solid copy, and engaging videos — but have you stopped to think about web accessibility?

Why is web accessibility important for business owners to consider? MosierData is here to explain.

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What Is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility is the practice of making web pages, tools, and other digital content more accessible to people with disabilities. It allows disabled people to navigate and interact with your website efficiently despite their physical or mental shortcomings. Incorporating closed captions for your online videos, volume controls, text size options, and other accessibility features will make your website more efficient for disabled users while enhancing their overall experience.

Three Reasons Why Web Accessibility Is Important for Business

So, why is web accessibility important?

Optimizing your business’s website with various assistive technologies doesn’t just benefit disabled users. It also provides several advantages to your company. Below are just a few reasons why web accessibility is important for businesses.

1. Helps You Reach More Potential Customers

Studies show that 26% of U.S. residents have a disability. With over a quarter of the population having a disability, adding accessibility features to your website will help you reach more potential customers. Assistive technologies make it easier for disabled web users to browse your site, increasing the chances of them utilizing your service.

2. Improves SEO

Search engine optimization, often shortened to SEO, determines your website’s ranking on various search engines like Google and Bing. A high SEO score ranks you higher on search engines, making it easier for users to find your website. Incorporating accessibility features into your website can increase your SEO score, putting your brand in front of more people.

3. Minimizes Legal Risks

The Americans with Disabilities Act grants disabled citizens equal access and opportunities to public services. Companies that don’t abide by the web content accessibility guidelines risk legal consequences that could tarnish their reputation. Adding accessibility features to your web pages will ensure you stay within regulations and avoid legal repercussions.

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