Seven Website Must-Haves To Make Your Business Stand Out

website must haves

Does your business website stand out? Without certain website must-haves, your brand might be lost at sea with all the others who haven’t successfully navigated this digital age’s ever-changing conditions. 

A well-structured website is more than just an organized one—it’s your potential customer’s landing point. MosierData’s list below shares insights from industry experts who are masters of standout business websites that draw visitors and turn them into customers. Read on for seven tips to incorporate into your web design in Lakeland, FL, and everywhere else.

#1 A Call to Action

Every successful website guides its visitors toward taking a specific action. Examples include:

  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Making a purchase
  • Scheduling an appointment

Something like “Call Now” at the top of every page reminds people to initiate contact and makes it easy for them to do so. Most of all, CTAs should be clear, visible, and persuasive. 

#2 Your Business Hours and Contact Information

Do your customers know when they can visit or contact your business?  If you have not made your business accessible, moving to invest in online visibility won’t be as effective.

Is there an up-to-date phone number, physical address, email, and other accurate personal information readily available for them on the site?

#3 Effective Meta Descriptions

Those humble little meta descriptions on the backend of web pages play a crucial role. The top result will be improving the click-through rates from search engines to your website. It is only a brief summary, but should accurately reflect the content of the page. 

A meta description also presents a perfect opportunity to entice people to click through with compelling, action-oriented language. Keep things under 160 characters so that search results don’t cut them off.

#4 Email Capture System

What constitutes an effective “email capture” strategy? This is integral if your business wants long-term relationships with its customers. 

Why not use incentives like discounts or access to exclusive content to encourage subscribers? Tools like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign can streamline this process.

#5 “About Us” Page

One of the most important website must-haves is your business’s story. This personal touch details your business journey, the team behind the success, and what sets your brand apart. 

It is not just about providing information; people want to connect with real people. A great “About Us” page humanizes those behind outright products or services. 

#6 Products or Services

How clearly does your site list your products or services? Can customers understand what you can do for them at a glance?

Make things super easy to navigate. Detailed descriptions with high-quality images or videos make a huge difference.

#7 Customer Reviews

It is always more effective to hear what others think about a business than to hear from the business itself. 

Be sure to incorporate reviews on your site to build trust and enhance your credibility.

Driving Success with MosierData

Those are the essential website must-haves to make your business stand out. Whether you’re looking to enhance your social signals or a more responsive design, we can help.

Call MosierData at (863) 687-0000 for innovative solutions to your business needs in Lakeland, Florida, and beyond.

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