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Why You SHould Never Use Free Web Hosting

Why You Should Never Use Free Web Hosting

Free is always good, right? Not when it comes to a web host. There are a number of reasons that using a free web host is a bad idea, especially if your e-commerce is the bread and butter of your company. The potential savings in using a free web hosting service are dwarfed by the […]

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Is Your Site Host Fast Enough for Your Website?

Speed is vital to many things, race cars, fighter jets, track runners, and websites. The relationship of speed to your company’s website is one based on dollars, especially if your company is e-commerce based. As previously stated, a lack of speed kills when it comes to your company’s website. It affects everything from conversions to […]

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Site Maintenance and Cyber Security

The chances of your company’s website getting hacked are on the rise. There are more hackers today than at any time since the internet’s inception. All of those hackers are looking for a weakness in a website’s security, a way they can penetrate its defenses and get access to its data. Are these hackers seeking […]

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The Downside of Using a Discount Site Host

Being able to bring a project in under budget is always a positive thing, but if it is done at the cost of your company’s website, it quickly becomes negative.  There are various reasons you should not use discounted or free hosting. Here are a few of the more conspicuous reasons. Free is Never Free […]

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Finding the Right Host for Your Website

Find the Right Host for Your Website

You are ready to create the perfect website for your business. It will be maximized for SEO so potential customers can easily find you. The user experience will be seamless. Every page will be optimized for mobile. None of these things will matter if you are not able to find your site a good home. […]

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The Best Site Hosts for E-Commerce

If your company is e-commerce based, then it is vital that you choose the right host for your company’s website. A host that is not optimized for e-commerce is constantly down, or has sluggish load times can be fatal to a company that relies on selling their goods or services on the internet. Profit losses […]

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