Experienced & Certified PPC Management Services.

Spend less money bidding on PPC Keywords that don't convert and make more money on the ones that do.

Other benefits of our PPC Campaign Management Services:
  • You work with a Google Certified Partner that has earned specialization badges in Search, Display & Mobile Advertising.
  • Our average client experiences a 24% increase in conversion within the first 3 months of working with us.
  • Our prices starti at only $250/month with no long-term contracts.

Are you leaving money on the table?

Find out quick! Let one of our Google Adwords Certified professionals review your Adwords account with you.

What makes MosierData the smart choice for PPC Management?

At MosierData we pride ourselves on education and certification. In fact, no other PPC Management or Internet Marketing firm in Lakeland has multiple people on staff certified in every aspect of Google Adwords along with multiple specialization badges. This means that any time you call our office, you are talking with an Adwords certified individual that has experience running paid campaigns.

What are Adwords Specializations and why are they important?

There are a few tiers to becoming a certified Google Partner. To earn the partner badge by itself, you simply must manage a minimum of $10,000 in PPC ad spend a month for clients and have at least one certified individual on staff. Earning specializations takes this a little further. Currently MosierData has specializations in Search, Display and Mobile. This means that we meet some extra criteria, including Client Revenue Growth (How much money you make because of our services), Client Retention (How many of or PPC Management clients stay with us month after month), Overall Revenue Growth and Growth in number of advertisers (How quickly we are growing our PPC Management Team).

PPC Manamgement Pricing

Note that every PPC campaign has two components. The first component is your PPC Management cost. This is paid to us in exchange for managing your PPC account. The second component is Ad Spend, which is the amount you plan to spend monthly on advertising. Your ad spend is paid directly to the advertising network(s). In the table below, this is referred to "Suggested Monthly PPC Advertising Budget"

Unlike a lot of marketing companies, we're happy to list our pay-per-click management pricing right here. We believe in transparency across everything we do, and it starts with what we charge to manage your PPC campaigns, and what you can expect from us when we do it.



Fast Track


Suggested Monthly PPC Advertising Budget

Up to $2,500

$2,501 - $5,000

$5,001 +

Google Adwords Certified Account Manager

Campaign Strategy & Development

Keyword & Industry Research

Ad Copywriting, Split Testing & Tweaking

Ongoing Search Term Monitoring & Negative Keywords

Custom Account Settings & Targeting Management

Landing Pages Created (as needed, additional by quote)




E-Commerce ROI & Revenue Tracking

Conversion Tracking Implementation

Campaign Performance Review w/PPC Account Manager




Included Keywords In Campaign

Up To 1,000

Up To 2,500

No Limit

One-Time Campaign Setup

Montly Management Fee



10% Of Monthly
($750 Min.)

Retargeting/Remarketing Campaign Setup & Management

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is slightly different than Paid Search. With search, you are bidding on keywords that people type into Google. With retargeting, your ads display to people that have already visited your website. In general Remarketing costs much less than traditional PPC and keeps your brand top-of-mind when people are making a purchasing decision.

NOTE: Prices shown below reflect the prices of Re-Targeting Services Only. We feel that retargeting is an essential component of any pay-per-click strategy, therefore if you are on one of our PPC plans above, you will enjoy a 50% discount on the below rates.


Suggested Ad Spend Up To $500 Per Month

  • Strong Calls To Action
  • Remarketing Tag / Pixel Installation
  • Dynamic Text & Graphic Banner Ads
  • Managed Ad Placements Where Applicable

$100 / month standalone

A one-time setup fee applies to standalone accounts. (Details)


Suggested Ad Spend Up To 20% of PPC Budget

  • Strong Calls To Action
  • Remarketing Tag / Pixel Installation
  • Dynamic Text & Graphic Banner Ads
  • Managed Ad Placements Where Applicable
  • Custom Audience Combinations
  • Facebook & Mobile Campaigns

$250 / month standalone

A one-time setup fee applies to standalone accounts. (Details)

Additional Types Of PPC Management We Offer

While search and retargeting are the most common forms Pay-Per-Click marketing, we are certified in and are happy to assist you advanced forms of PPC marketing, including:

YouTube Video Advertising

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Google Shopping Network

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Mobile Ads & Mobile Apps

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Claim Your Free Account Review

Not sure what type of PPC Strategy is right for you? Want to know more about how to measure ROI on search and remarketing campaigns? Just want to "pick our brain" a little and get a feel for who we are, how we work and what we do? We offer a free 1-hour strategy session to talk over your PPC Marketing objectives and develop a plan.

PPC Managemet: Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a smaller budget than what you list on your website?

If I already have my Google Adwords Account setup, is there still a setup fee?

I have heard that paying by the click is expensive. How do you keep it in line?

Can I just pay you to set up my campaign, then just manage it myself?

What if my question wasn't answered here?

We Perform. Or we work for free.

A lot of agencies can claim to produce results, but we put our money where our mouth is. At MosierData, we provide what we call the 2 to 25 Guarantee.

When we put your strategy together, we will work with you to determine what your primary goal for your campaign is. If we don't provide at least a 2 to 25% improvement in that one specific area within 90 days, we will refund what you paid us, and work for free until we achieve that result.

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