Local SEO & Traditional Search Engine Optimization.

Because there's no money to be made on page 3.

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, we can help:
  • Why is my competition on page 1 and I'm not, even though my product or service is better?
  • How come when I search for my brand, other sites show up before me?
  • Why isn't my current internet marketing / SEO company telling me exactly what they are doing or producing the results they promised?
  • Why does my site show up on searches from a computer, but I seem to be invisible to mobile devices?

Search Engine Optimization & Today's Web

While some of the fundamentals of a good, solid SEO foundation remain unchanged, some of the specific optimization strategies have evolved greatly over the years. For instance, the rise in mobile-device usage has created a whole new category of location-aware searches that didn't exist just a few short years ago.

Local SEO and its impact on your business​

​To best explain the impact of Local SEO, let's review some actual numbers we helped to decipher for a new client who had traditionally gone with a package from their local yellow pages. In this case, the yellow pages provided a tracking phone number so they could show the client how well their ads worked. Over the course of the year, the client had received 198 calls on this phone number. The client felt (but had no real numbers to show) that they consistently closed about 25% of the calls that came in.

In comes their SEO strategy: I will start by saying this isn't exactly a fair comparison because it took approximately 4 months for the effects of the SEO campaign to start working in full swing. With that said, we'll still pull numbers from the client's Google Analytics for the exact same timeframe. A total of 18,764 people visited the company's website. Of these, 84.6% were unique, which means they had not visited the site before. Digging deeper, a total of 871 filled out their online quote request form. Since we listed the client's actual phone number and not a tracking number on the site, we'll ignore call volumes and look at online inquiries only.​

Yellow Pages Results:

  • 198 calls times 25% close rate: 49.5 sales (let's say 50)
  • Ad Cost: $3,000.00 for the year
  • Ad cost divided by 50 sales = $60/sale
  • Ad cost divided by 198 leads = $15.15/lead

Local SEO & Content Strategy:

  • 871 forms times 25% close rate: 217.75 sales (let's say 218)
  • SEO Investment: $5,050.00 over 12 months
  • SEO cost divided by 218 sales = $23.17/sale
  • SEO cost divided by 871 leads = $5.80/lead

The Result? Local SEO drives more business than traditional advertising.

Traditional SEO

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