​Custom Web Development Services From MosierData

​​Sometimes, the solution just doesn't come out of a box (or a plugin repository). We're the company to call when ​the ​need ​exceeds your options.​

PHP Custom Web Programming Services From MosierData
Custom MySQL Database Development From MosierData
Custom Web Develioment Using jQuery from MosierData
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​Here are some examples:

  • ​Custom Datafeed Implementations
  • ​Web Services / API Integration
  • ​Custom Workflow & ​Management Systems
  • Custom WordPress Plugin Development
  •  If it's custom & web based, we can do it

​We specialize in doing the stuff that other companies can't.

​Custom web development projects come in all shapes and sizes. ​Unlike a typical WordPress Website, they're generally highly specialized and arise from a business need that either saves your company time, increases your team's productivity or both. As the name "custom web development" implies, no two projects are ever alike.

​As plumber or painter would say, "no job too big or too small."

​Our experience with custom web development projects range from the simple to the complex. On one end of the spectrum are things like simple implementation of ​XML or JSON datafeeds, which only take ​a few hours. On the other end sits ​management systems that our clients license to other companies and depend on us for maintenance and new features.  

​How does the custom web development process work?

Since no two projects are exactly the same, the process always starts with a discovery meeting where all the stakeholders sit down and hash out the high-level requirements for what needs to be done.

​PRO TIP: We always need a discovery meeting on any custom web development project. It's not painful, we promise. We never charge for the discovery meeting and ​it's a good way to determine whether we are comfortable working with one another. Click here to book a discovery call.

From there, we generally estimate a ballpark range for the project budget, and if the client decides to proceed at this point, we engage in a paid detailed analysis of the project and present the complete project specifications to the client.

The most common question we get is "Why do you charge for the detailed analysis?" The answer to that is simple. Your detailed analysis can take anywhere from 10-50 hours by itself to prepare. When it is delivered, you will have the complete specifications to your system, including wireframe sketches of the user interface.  At that point, any capable web developer would be able to build your system from your specs.

With that said, our time is valuable. While we would love to think if someone went through the trouble of having us write their specs they would never take it somewehere else, but it's happened. It's a classic case of a rotten apple spoiling it for the whole batch kind of thing.

Don't worry though, in our 13+ years in business, we have never had a client that was unhappy with the detailed analysis, and a whopping 94% go on to have us build the resulting system.

Want to see some of our work?

​Most of the custom web development work we do is highly specialized and is covered under non-disclosure agreements because they give our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  

​With that said, most of our clients are open to sharing some of the non-proprietary details of their systems to companies in non-competing industries. They're also more than willing to share their experience in ​working with us.

​If you would like to talk to one of our clients, please let us know during your discovery meeting. ​We will do our best to match you with one who's project is similar in scope to the one you are considering.


​Take the first step now and let's have a discovery meeting.