Welcome to the world of Worry-Free Website Maintenance

Relax. We'll take care of your website.

All plans include:

  • Weekly Reports - Always know what's happening with your site.
  • Fast, Secure Hosting - We make sure your site is always online.
  • Daily Backups - Things happen. We make sure you're prepared.
  • Software Updates - We keep your WordPress site up to date and secure.
  • On-Call Support - Need something? Just call us for a 1-day turnaround.

Experience The SiteCare+ Difference

Scroll down to our package prices, or fill out the form below and we'll help you pick the right package for your business:

SiteCare+ is the website care package that is changing the industry.

Having delivered over 400 websites there is one thing every single one of them have in common.  They need to be maintained.

Unfortunately, many times this isn't realized until after something bad happens.  Sites get hacked.  Cheap, shared hosting can be so slow it kills your rankings.  WordPress updates can break features of your theme or plugins.  These are some of the more common examples, but there are literally hundreds more just like them.

We created SiteCare+ to give you a single source that's responsible for your website.  With our website maintenance plans, gone are the days you call your "web guy" just to tell you its a hosting problem. Or calling your hosting company just to have them tell you it's a WordPress issue.  Or worse yet, waking up to find your site defaced or blocked because it was compromised with Malware and not knowing who to call.

The All-Inclusive Website Maintenance Program

Business Class Website Hosting

Don't share a server with thousands of other, potentially questionable websites. We host your website in a fast, secure and fully redundant environment.

WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

You'll never have to worry about running an insecure WordPress installation. Whenever an update is released, we download it, test it and install it for you.

Weekly Website Performance Reports

Always be in the know. We provide a detailed weekly report that show your site's traffic, uptime, speed and optionally your search engine rankings.

Content Updates & Technical Support

The help you need is just a call or email away. We respond to all requests within 1 business day. Discounted rates for work that exceeds your plan maximum.

Why do you need a website maintenance package?

To start with, you need it for speed.  We all expect a website to load within seconds.  In fact, in 2015 Google added page load time to its list of search engine ranking factors. Think about it - when was the last time you waited 15-20 seconds for a website to load?  Why would you think anyone else's expectations would be different? 

Some really good marketing folks have made the case for "Do it yourself" free websites, or ultra-low cost website hosting from the major domain registrars.  The problem with these free or discount offerings is that there is no accountability.  If your website goes down, who cares?  An offshore technical support center on the other side of the planet?  When you sign up with us, we take on the responsibility of maintaining your website and that starts with taking responsibility for your hosting as well.

SiteCare+ Pricing: How much does it cost?

Like all of our other services, we like to remain transparent in our pricing. This helps both you and us in the long run. For you, you get to see in advance the value you receive for the money you spend.



Small Business

Big Business

Secure and High Bandwidth Hosting

Daily Back ups

Alerts for site downtime

404/Broken Link Monitoring

Loading speed optimization

WordPress Updates

Google Analytic Reporting

Monthly Hours for Updates & Support

1hr/Rollover Monthly

3hrs/Rollover Monthly

Additional Support Discounted Rate




Monthly SEO reporting and audits

Monthly On Call Site Performance Review

  Monthly Fee


billed annually

$​50 month-month


billed annually

​($1,070 per year)


billed annually

($​2,195 per year)

SiteCare+ FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What if the changes I have do not need an hour?

What if I do not use my time for the month?

I have seen hosting plans cheaper than you have here

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