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Never Say Never

I met with an old co-worker for lunch the other day. I won’t say his name out of respect but if he’s reading this he’ll know who he is. The long and short of the discussion came down to my new “strategy” as a solution architect and he integration of information systems strategy and technology […]

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Mosier Information Services In The News

The Ledger, our local paper here in Lakeland did a series of articles on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for today’s edition of its Polk County Business Journal. I got a call from one of their writers, Lorrie Walker and decided to volunteer myself as well as Tina, my search engine guru, to give […]

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Is your business information rich?

I am seeing some really neat changes in our business climate. Mom and pop operations are going global selling niche products online. Voice and data are converging and are making the management of communications almost as easy as the management of information. It’s exciting and scary at the same time? Why is it scary? While […]

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Defining “Information Systems”

Most of the time when people think of information systems and online commerce they think of either back-end services or a web site that sells things. One of the things that many people are surprised to find is that these items barely even scratch the surface. If you know me or have spent any time […]

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Ability is not easy

Just a short entry to share something funny that happened to me today. I got a taste of my own medicine. If you have been reading this for any length of time, you know that I always talk about how much better it is to hire an expert to help with your information systems strategy. […]

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