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Creating a PPC Strategy That Works

If you are trying to increase traffic to your company’s website, one of the most effective tools you can use is pay per click (PPC) advertisements. Paying for ads on the most visited websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing can increase your brand visibility and drive traffic to your site. But are you really […]

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Miscrosoft Advertising

What You Should Know About Microsoft Advertising

It’s easy to forget about Bing when Google dominates internet searches on so many fronts. Still, with that being understood, there are several reasons you should use Microsoft Advertising as part of your pay per click (PPC) campaign. Microsoft Advertising Cost Less than Google Because more companies use Google to advertise, you have to place […]

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Should You Use PPC for Inbound Marketing_01

Should You Use PPC for Inbound Marketing?

If your inbound marketing has not been performing the way you expected, even after improvements to your company’s website and an aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, then pay per click (PPC) advertising could be the push your efforts need to get ahead. If your marketing department has spent any time developing customer profiles and […]

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Using Demand Generation for PPC

Using PPC for Demand Generation

Has your company’s pay per click (PPC) campaign not measured up to what you thought it would? Have you sunk a sizable portion of your marketing budget into bids so that your ad is guaranteed to be seen by potential customers, but you are still not getting the results that justify the amount you have […]

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