The Best Platforms for PPC

Best Platforms for PPC

You are investing in an inbound marketing campaign, you already have an SEO expert who is ensuring that Google and Bing notice the content on your website, but your marketing department is unsure about which pay per click (PPC) platforms are the best. Here are the best platforms to date for PPC ads.


Still, king, as you probably know, Google is the top site for PPC.  If you are engaging in a PPC campaign and not using Google AdWords is like trying to run a car without gas. If you want to reach as many customers as possible, AdWords has no equal. You can reach literally millions of customers if you are willing to bid enough on a PPC. The only thing that can limit you with AdWords is your budget. The competition is fierce for PPC ads to be seen. So you have to bid accordingly for your ad to be shown.


Facebook is the third most visited website on the globe. Users stay an average of ten minutes and visit ten pages. Why wouldn’t Facebook be one of the top places for you to run PPC ads? When it comes to places to spend your PPC budget, Facebook is an excellent option for your investment. Facebook Ads let advertisers use multiple unique targeting options that just aren’t possible anywhere else. Rather than focus on specific keywords, you can target a person’s likes and interests, which isn’t viable on traditional PPC platforms. Also, Facebook Ads are especially hard to block.

On other sites like Google, an adblocking plugin will eliminate the paid ads at the top of the search results page. A bad thing if you’re an advertiser and want high visibility. Conversely, Facebook Ads promoted and sponsored posts are mixed into users news feeds, which makes blocking your PPC ad harder; which guarantees more exposure for and more clicks for you.

So, if you are seeking to make a real impact with your PPC, use one of these platforms to drive traffic to your website. Before you embark on your PPC campaign, make sure that your website has an appealing design and is optimized for mobile devices; otherwise, those clicks leading to your website will turn into bounces.

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