Google Ads for Beginners

Google Ads for Beginners

Everyone who has any knowledge of pay per click (PPC) advertising knows that just as with search engine optimization (SEO) that Google reigns supreme. You may understand this yourself, but have never dealt with PPC, let alone Google’s AdWords. With that in minds here is Google Ads for beginners.

AdWords is an Auction

Google AdWords works on the same principle as an auction. You are bidding on your ad getting seen (cost per impression), which is not always guaranteed, but we will get to that later.  AdWords works in a similar fashion to E-Bay. When you bid on that hula girl lamp last summer, you were competing against other bidders for who wanted it as well. You set a price that you were willing to pay for the unique light at $200 thinking no one else could possibly pay more and found you were outbid by $50. AdWords works on the same principle with a few minor differences. It lets you manually set what you are willing to pay per click, or it can automatically bid for you within a set budget.

AdWords is relatively simple to set up and bid, but you have to have the right keywords and content (will get to that later as well). Remember, PPC advertising is paying for clicks, not for it to be seen all at once, like a TV or radio advertisements. Just like the name you are paying for clicks with pay per click advertising. So is your competitor. That means if you are bidding $5 per click with Google Ads and your competitor is bidding $10 per click, your competitor’s ad will be seen before yours; so will everyone else’s ad that had a bid higher than yours. If you are selling soda, you are not going to outbid Coke or Pepsi, so you need to focus on what makes your product unique and use relevant keywords. How much can keywords help? Let’s take a look.

AdWords and Keywords

Keywords are vital to the success of your PPC campaign. In AdWords, it means the difference between your ad being seen at a reasonable rate or having to pay an excessive price for your ad to appear. Why do keywords make the difference? Relevance and quality.

Relevance And Google Ads

You will want to choose a keyword that is relevant to your business. If you are selling environmentally friendly paint, you will want to use keywords that reflect that and will get your ad seen. If you are a small to a mid-sized company, you won’t want to compete with the large paint companies. Using the keyword paint is too broad, and your ad won’t be seen. You need to use specific keywords and phrases that reflect your product and the market or markets in which you sell. Here are a few examples.

  • Environmentally Safe Paint
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound Paint
  • Environmentally-Friendly Paint Orlando
  • Non-Toxic Paint Orlando
  • Safe House Paint Orlando
  • Local Green Paint Company Orlando

Google will take the ad with the most relevant keywords to a user search plus the highest amount bid to decide which ad will be displayed on the results page.  So, as you can see, using the right keywords can get your ad seen before a competitor’s even if their bid is higher because your keywords are more relevant.

Still, Have Questions About Google Ads?

If you still are confused about how Google Ads work or don’t have the time to take on AdWords, Mosier Data can help. Call us or use our quick online contact form. We can manage your PPC campaign and increase your return on investment. Our clients who use us for their digital ads experience an average increase of 24% in the first three months. Don’t put off a successful PPC campaign any longer!

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