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Merry Christmas To Everyone

Just a quick and easy note to say Merry Christmas. I hope that everyone reading this is having a wonderful day! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then please replace the word Christmas with whatever your December holiday is called and I truly hope it is your happiest and most joyful one yet! (PS – Stay […]

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Why I hate the term “Consultant”

Since founding Mosier Information Services, I have gone through a sort of transition. My very first business card listed my title as “President”. After a while in business, I had a new logo designed (the one we use today) and took the opportunity to update my title on my business card to “Developer / Consultant” […]

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What is innovation?

Innovation means doing what your competition does – only better. When a lot of people think of innovation, they think of people like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, or the Wright brothers who first flew an airplane, or Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone. These are all great inventions, but when I think […]

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Never Say Never

I met with an old co-worker for lunch the other day. I won’t say his name out of respect but if he’s reading this he’ll know who he is. The long and short of the discussion came down to my new “strategy” as a solution architect and he integration of information systems strategy and technology […]

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Ability is not easy

Just a short entry to share something funny that happened to me today. I got a taste of my own medicine. If you have been reading this for any length of time, you know that I always talk about how much better it is to hire an expert to help with your information systems strategy. […]

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