#MosierTalks Ep. 2 – Owning Your Assets

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Allright, I promise I will eventually get the hang of this podcast thing.. I present to you #MoiserTalks Episode 2!

As always, I appreciate you watching and providing me with questions, suggestions and feedback.

So I present to you episode #2.  Today, I talk about owning your assets.  And by asset, I mean anything that you need to control your digital presence.

Like, your domain.  I am tired of seeing companies get duped out of their domain just because they didn’t understand the Internet.

The other thing is images.  If you (or your amateur web designer) use unlicensed images, it is only a matter of time before you are going to get a demand letter from the big G.  No, I am not talking about Google, I am talking about Getty Images.

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Though his chief ambition is to one day control the entire Internet, Jim busies himself in the meantime running our little web development and marketing agency. He's a certified super nerd who ranks coding in old, outdated languages and watching Star Trek reruns just a bit too high on his list of fun things to do. Outside of work, Jim enjoys Hockey (Tampa Bay Lighning, to be specific), more genres of music than most people realize exist, riding his Harley (he calls it "two wheel therapy") and exploring the world through travel.