Web Design Trends for 2020

Web Design Trends for 2020

Has it been a few years since your company’s website was last updated? If so, you should think about updating it if you haven’t already. With that thought in mind, here are some of the web design trends to consider for 2020.

Augmented Reality, Really

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging trend among e-commerce sites, especially ones that sell clothing or furniture. AR lets a customer take a picture of themselves and upload it to the site so that they can see how clothing looks on them; in fact, it’s trying on clothes without trying them on. The same applies to their homes; a customer can take a picture of a room and see how it looks with a different coat of paint or how a piece of furniture would fit in with the rest of the room. AR has come a long way since it’s most extensive use was Pokémon Go.

Less is More Design Trends

Minimalism is another trend that is going to gain more popularity. You may wonder why? Clean lines, clear and concise content and use of one hero Image will make it easier for customers to navigate. Easier navigation means less confusion and a higher chance that the customer will find what they are looking for when they visit. Finding what a customer is looking for ultimately leads to conversions. Hidden toolbars that won’t clutter up the page makes for a better user experience, which will not only help sales but will also build brand loyalty.

Custom Artwork

Web Designers will use more customized artwork to better fit the customer’s brand in 2020. Using illustrations or custom graphics that convey what makes your company unique and helps to tell a story about your company will both build customer awareness of your brand and help to improve user experience.

Vivid Colors Design Trends

Just because minimalism is a trend doesn’t mean your website has to be drab and uninteresting. Bold, vibrant colors will grab a customer’s attention without being distracting, and along with a few select pieces of artwork will express who your company is while catching and holding a customer’s attention.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is a method where layered elements on your screen are moved by scrolling. With Parallax scrolling, anything in the site’s foreground scrolls just a little faster than the images or typography behind it. This method creates a sense of depth as a user scrolls down the page. Parallax effects will make your site both compelling and exciting. The effects seize your visitors’ attention and won’t let go.

Improved Mobile Design Trends

Mobile devices are dominating internet usage, so this trend makes sense. Making sure that your page optimized for mobile devices loads faster will ensure customers don’t bounce before your page has even finished loading. Making sure that there is more clickable content such as phone numbers will lead customers to where you want them to go without sacrificing their sense of control.  Make sure that your content is not too long for someone reading it from a mobile device, mobile users want short descriptions and to quickly find what they are looking for when they visit a site. This trend also goes hand in hand with minimalism because having a cluttered site often makes it hard for a customer to locate what they want.

So, if your site is not up to date for 2020, consider these trends. If you are not familiar with web design or don’t have a web designer on staff, don’t make the mistake of trying to do it yourself. Hire a web design agency with the skill and knowledge of emerging trends to ensure your website is on the cutting edge in 2020.

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