How to Generate Leads with Google My Business


Unsure about what Google My Business (GMB) does? Chances are, you’ve already used it. When you search for a nearby restaurant or computer repair shop on Google, the results you see on the map are business who registered with Google my business. You can easily see how GMB can bring you leads by showing your business on a map when someone does a search, but there is more you need to understand to get leads from GMB.

Google My Business Creates Leads Through SEO

You can actually boost your SEO efforts with Google My Business, the key is that you take advantage of every available tool and fill out the fields completely.  The more information you provide such as hours of operation, what type of business it is and other like information will make a customer more likely to click your business on the map.

After you have set up your account Google will mail you a postcard with a verification code on it to confirm you are at the address you claim to be at and not in another country. Once you have been verified then you can optimize GMB to bring in leads through SEO. Once you have registered with GMB your company is more likely to show up in a standard Google search.  Why? Google knows if you are in Orlando and searching for Chinese restaurants, you don’t want listings for locations in Tampa.

Unlike AdWords, Google My Business is completely free; yet it comes with a number of useful tools that can be used to boost your SEO efforts. One thing that is important to understand that GMB should be used as an enhancement to an SEO campaign, not take its place. If you are not familiar with how SEO works and are embarking on a concerted marketing campaign, then it is vital that you first consult an agency that can advise you on how the process works, or take over the process on your behalf. SEO professionals understand how Google ranks your business based on the profile you created in GMB and what the factors are in how Google ranks you. Here are the top factors in how Google ranks business and how they work.

Top Factors in How Google Ranks Business


As previously stated, when you search for a business, you expect Google to list the business in your town, which is closest to your location.


If you are a Pizaria, it’s unlikely your business will show up in a search for pool supplies unless you are vague about what your company does. In order to fit the search intent of the customer, make sure there is no ambiguity about exactly what your business does.


Does your business have a lot of reviews? Do you have sufficient amounts of a relevant content on your site? Are their quality links leading back to your company’s website? If not, then you need to rectify the situation because these are all things that increase your company’s prominence and therefore your rank on Google maps.

Get the Most Out of Your Google My Business Listing

Here are a few tips that will help to ensure you show up in Google searches for local businesses.

  • Make sure you chose the right category for your company in Google My Business.
  • Make sure that there are no typos and that your phone number, address, and website are all correct.
  • Make sure to list the days and times you are open for business.
  • Update your listing anytime there are changes to your address, phone number, website, or hours of operation.

If you follow these guidelines, you will see more leads come to you from Google My Business.

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