Can Email Help with SEO?

It may seem strange to consider, but email can boost your SEO efforts. Although email has been around since the very beginning of the internet nearly thirty years ago, it has not lost its usefulness or popularity, especially when it comes to business to business communications. At this point sending business documents via text is […]

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Finding the Right Host for Your Website

Find the Right Host for Your Website

You are ready to create the perfect website for your business. It will be maximized for SEO so potential customers can easily find you. The user experience will be seamless. Every page will be optimized for mobile. None of these things will matter if you are not able to find your site a good home. […]

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How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Engine_01

How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Engine

Your business’ website has to do many things. It needs to provide information about who you are and what you do. In-depth details about your products and offerings should be available. Basic customer service functions are a necessity. Along with these items, your site also has to be designed to generate leads. Potential customers will […]

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5 Things You May Not Know About PPC Marketing

Your company may or may not have engaged in pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign. Your marketing department may be familiar with PPC marketing and aware of how it helps small to mid-sized companies compete with larger corporations. You probably are aware that PPC ads are bid on and the highest bidder gets priority and […]

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The Best Site Hosts for E-Commerce

If your company is e-commerce based, then it is vital that you choose the right host for your company’s website. A host that is not optimized for e-commerce is constantly down, or has sluggish load times can be fatal to a company that relies on selling their goods or services on the internet. Profit losses […]

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Web Design for a Niche Audience

If your company sells to a niche group of customers, such as people who eat organic tangerines, then you will want to be sure that your website is tailored to them. When it comes to designing a website for any niche, you will want to start by figuring out who your company is dealing with […]

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