Why We Love Social Media Platforms (And So Should You)

Consumers are currently bombarded by ads on a daily basis. As a result of the onslaught, they are accustomed to ignoring emails, cold calls, banner ads, video spots, online pop-ups, and other forms of outbound marketing.


Inbound marketing, on the other hand, targets customers already actively looking for what your company has to offer. Social media platforms are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to connect and engage with prospects and existing customers. Why else should you go social?

Your Customers Are There
73% of Internet-using adults are on social networking sites as of Sept. 2013. Why spend money looking for customers when a large captive audience is already there? Social media is an ideal way to organically connect with them.

It’s Free
Think of how much your company has spent on direct mail or ads.  Opening social media accounts and making posts doesn’t just cost less—it’s free. Facebook ads are often effective, but they aren’t required to make an impact.

file-1268157291 (1)It’s Unobtrusive
Outbound marketing has the potential to annoy and turn off potential customers. As an inbound marketing method, social media won’t interrupt their day since it is already a part of their day.

It Builds Relationships
Your social media posts shouldn’t be self-serving. When you share enlightening or educational content, you establish yourself as a helpful resource. This builds trust and loyalty with customers.

It’s Measurable
Some businesses mistakenly believe social media can’t be measured. Tools like Sprout Social, Adobe Social, and Spredfast give you the ability to view metrics about followers, engagement, reach, and much more.

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