How To Re-purpose Content And Get the Most Mileage From Your Website

If you’re a savvy businessperson, you already know that quality content is what drives readers to click on your blogs and websites. After spending months, even years filling your site with valuable content, you want to do everything you can to get the most mileage from it. An ideal way to accomplish this is to repurpose your content so it continues to offer value to your readers. 99024710

Update to breathe new life.Instead of republishing your old content as is, add an element of newness to it by adding in new information. If the content is already well-written, it only takes a few minutes to add fresh ideas and update outdated information. Also, if you have two related posts, you can blend them together to turn the content into a more in-depth piece.

Microblog it. There is no rule that says you have to keep your content in its original form. You can break it up into sections and republish it on another site. For instance, if you have a list-style article, you can pull informative sections from it and send them out as Tweets. Publishing repurposed content on a different medium can maximize exposure, extend your brand’s reach and improve your return on investment.

Create a SlideShare. Site visitors who prefer more visual content often skip reading blog posts. You can capture this audience by pulling important points from your written content, adding colorful images and turning them into SlideShare presentations.

When you update your content, create SlideShares or break longer pieces up and republish them on other mediums, you can repurpose your content to keep readers engaged and preserve valuable resources in your business.

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