Are Your Ready For Generation C?

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials…all these generations are characterized by one thing, their age group. Now meet Generation C, the first generation to be identified by lifestyle. In case you were wondering the C stands for connected. Connected by what; laptops, tablets, smartphones, apps, social media, smart watches and more! 


Want Their Attention? Get Connected!

“Generation C is a group of people who exhibit a strong desire to be connected through technology. “Gen C is not an age group—it’s a way of life,” says Digital Marketing Thought Leader, Brian Solis. Unlike most generations with predefined age group, Gen C’s growth is limitless. But don’t expect to reach this group through traditional advertising in newspapers or magazines. They get their news online; think social media, apps and mobile friendly websites. You  won’t be able to reach them through television commercials either. They like to  watch their favorite shows in marathon sessions; streaming them through on demand channels and subscription services like netflix and hulu.  Are you ready to connect with Gen C?

Quick check list:
  • Dynamic Social Media Profiles 
  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Friendly Website

These key resources will help get you connected to this growing market but remember when planning your marketing strategies to think like your customers, understand the user’s experience.

How they are Changing Traditional Sales and Marketing

When social media surfaced, companies joined every network looking to reach potential customers. Where they failed was understanding their social customers; why were they interested in connecting with their brand, what was important to them, how could their company add value to their experience – remember traditional marketing and direct selling does not work for Gen C.

Generation C wants businesses to get to know them and treat them like people. They don’t just want to make a purchase, they want an experience. Listen to your customers, understand where they are coming from and create a solution to their troubles. 


Build Better Customer Relationships

Technology can help you create relationships with your customers—and powerful ones at that. Without appreciating technology and the relationship your customers have to it, businesses will keep performing the way they always have. It is important to remember Gen C is connected 24/7 and relies heavily on technology to keep them up to date on the latest trends and topics. It is easy to realize that marketing done through emails, texts, and push notifications will reach them instantly but it is important not to abuse this privilege. Once they ‘unsubscribe’ from your updates you have lost them and any referrals they may have brought to you as well as they now have a bitter taste in their mouth about your company and could possibly take to social media to tell all of their friends and followers. 

Building better customer relationships with Generation C means understanding their journey, be aware of how it its different than the traditional customer’s journey.  For instance, a Gen C customer will most likely find you through a web search or social media post from their peers, from there they will undoubtedly visit your website, if you seem credible (testimonials, fast load time, up to date content, easily viewable on mobile devices) they may sign up for your newsletter or blog, do you offer a mobile app or rewards program – if so, it is probable they will hand over their valuable contact information (name, email, phone number) and provide you with quality lead for your product or service. It is then up to you to wow them awith prompt and tailored customer service. 

Fine Tune Your Social Media

Consumers are more likely to trust another individual before they trust an advertisment or a direct sell from a company employee. Build trust with Gen C by relating to them as peers and not trying to sell them with every tweet or post. Add value to their experiences by sparking their interest with useful facts and information or engage them with questions to help you serve them better!  

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