Why You Should You Know About Facebook Lead Ads

Why You Should You Know About Facebook Lead Ads

Social Media plays a key part in cultivating new prospects from your target market. It allows a company to interact with customers directly or through paid ads. When used correctly profile pages and pay per click ads can have a significant impact on reaching a desired demographic. Facebook continues to be the top social media platform and the best way to reach prospective customers.

You probably are already aware of a Facebook ad’s importance in attracting a target demographic to your website, but you are probably not aware of lead ads. It is an excellent way to connect with and understand your target demographic. The significance of lead ads cannot be understated and deserves a closer look.

Market To Customers Already Interested

Facebook Ads allow a company to market to customers who are interested in the type of good or service that they provide.  This is an effective way to increase profits and expand a business. Pay Per click ads cast a wide net and get clicks from a number of customers who have no real interest in what your company offers.  Pay per click ads send customers to your landing page, where they are asked to fill out a brief form.

Getting the customer’s demographic information on the back end of a pay per click ad can be tricky. You can’t overwhelm a customer with too many fields to fill out, but at the same time you need enough fields to be entered so you can decide if the customer is indeed a prospect.


It is a fact that pay per click ads have a substantial bounce rate, even when it is tailored to a specific group.  That is why Facebook’s lead ads are superior to traditional pay per click ads. A lead ad gets the demographic information on the front end.  When a customer clicks on a lead ad, they are asked to fill out their demographic information while still on Facebook.  The lead ad makes it easy by pre-filling their name and email address.

Instead of a customer bouncing from your landing page, you obtain their demographic information without them ever visiting your landing page. Simplicity is what makes a Facebook lead ad work so well.  When you have received a customer’s information, send them an email thanking them and perhaps include a link or two to your website.  This is a useful way to generate leads while not going over budget.

Get the Most Out of Your Lead Ads

It is vital you get the most out of your lead ad. Facebook’s Lead ads are customizable with either data from Facebook, or a set of parameters you define, such as the often sought after 18-34 year old demographic, or an older group if your company sells something like a medical product or service.

You can also organize by gender, regional targeting, or income.  This customizable feature of Facebook lead ads makes it an excellent tool for directing readers to a blog, making prospective attendees aware of an event, and drawing people in with online contests.

If you want your lead ad to be successful, you will need to offer something in return for the customer’s time. If you are in a band- a free download of a song, if you are a photographer- a free stock photo, you can also offer an authoritative report on something related to what your company does.  Offering something of value will ensure you receive clicks.  Make sure you have an auto response set up to send out the promised reward in exchange for the customer’s time and information.

The bottom line is that if you want a better way of generating leads from your online ad campaigns, Facebook lead ads are going to yield results. All it takes is to know who your target customers are and what appeals to them. Facebook lead ads make it just that easy!

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