5 Reasons Your AdWords Quality Score is Low – and How to Fix It

Google AdWords allows advertisers and businesses to monitor the performance of ad campaigns and make adjustments as needed. If quality scores are low, then there are specific methods for improving ads and aligning them with marketing objectives. There are multiple reasons why an AdWords quality score may be lacking.

PrecisionQuality Score Deficiencies

Google uses standardized criteria to provide a quality rating that gauges the efficiency and effectiveness of ads. Criteria range from the number of clicks received on display URLs to keywords’ clickthrough rates. It is imperative to thoroughly review these criteria to identify deficiencies and develop corrective actions.

According to Google, five common reasons quality scores are low include:

  • Hard to navigate landing pages
  • Low keyword relevance to ad type
  • Low keyword relevance to customer searches
  • Poor ad performance on targeted devices
  • Poor geographic performance

Methods for Improvement

It is important to note that keywords play a large role in quality scores. Ads with the right keywords that are optimized to display well on mobile devices perform better over the long run. Google offers analytics tools to measure search engine queries, which allows for the selection of the optimal keywords.

Google suggests the following methods for improving quality scores:

  • Utilize a list of specific keywords that are popular in search queries versus using general words
  • Include keywords into ad text versus alternative placement on webpages
  • Use specific ad groups that appeal to target markets
  • Use simple and alluring ads that blend the right amount of text and graphics
  • Monitor performance and make regular adjustments paying close attention to keyword search trends

An AdWords quality score helps advertisers gauge the effectiveness of their ads based on a standard set of criteria. With careful planning, one can correct deficiencies and improve quality ratings.

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