Using Instagram to Grow Your Local Business

If you are seeking a way to grow your business on social media and aren’t sure how, why not Instagram? It’s growing in popularity and visually based, which is excellent for promotion. Using Instagram to grow your local business is smart. Here’s why and how.

Show Pictures of What You Sell In Your Store or in the Surrounding Area

Being able to show your products is the main reason Instagram is so good for promotion. Make sure to use high-quality pictures of your products in scenic areas around your town. Be sure that the photo clearly shows what your product is and how it can improve a customer’s daily life.  It’s also vital to post videos of exactly how your product works. To build your brand, show videos of what happens behind the scenes. Videos are engaging, grab a customers attention, and relay that your business is part of the community. It’s best to post often to Instagram, no less than three or four times a week.

Interact with Users

In order to be part of the Instagram community, you should interact with your followers and comment on other posts often. Reposting your followers content is a great way to connect if it is relevant to your business. Hashtags are another great way to interact with Instagram users. Use hashtags relevant to your area to connect with local users effectually.

Build Alliances on Instagram

You can also build alliances with local businesses not directly in competition with you to form a mutually advantageous relationship. For example, if you sell books, you can recommend the name of a local coffee shop as a place to read them. In most cases, the local business you include will reciprocate with a post about your business.

Post Your Brand

To be successful in the promotion of your local business on Instagram, be uniform in your branding. Use colors and fonts consistent with your brand. Use language and images that are relevant to your brand. If you are having problems with branding, an agency that knows how to brand on Instagram can help.

What’s Trending?

Instagram does not show trending subjects such as Twitter does. In order to know the local trends, you should keep track of the new. Once you understand the trends, then it’s simple to create hashtags to fit them. Some trends are more obvious than others. Holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah and New Years are always good hashtags to use, especially when it fits your business.

Content is a Must

You must have content that will seize a user’s attention immediately. As we said earlier product pictures and videos are beneficial in publicizing your business, but you need strong content as well. If you are really going to focus on Instagram as a way to push traffic to your website or promote your business, you need to consider upgrading equipment. Using a high-quality digital camera or high definition video camera will help your posts stand out from the rest.

Instagram and Profiles

Names and Usernames are the only things Searchable in Instagram Profiles. Because your Instagram bio is not able to be searched, putting keywords into your posts will not help. How can your local customers find you on Instagram? State what your business does and where you are in your name and username:

Name: Lakeland Florist Bob Jones.

Username: LakelandFloristBob.

By combining florist and Lakeland into the name, a profile is sure to be seen when someone is searching for “Lakeland Florists”.  Make sure to check and see if other users have incorporated what your business does and where you are in before you choose a name.

Although bios are not searchable, you can include a link to your website in your bio to guide traffic to your site.

We Can Help You with Instagram

If you need help with promoting your business on Instagram Mosier Data can help. Call us or complete our contact us form. We will be in touch so that we can help you with Instagram. Don’t wait; contact us today!

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