Should My Small Business Be Tweeting?

Small businesses everywhere use Twitter to connect with new and existing customers. It’s a simple way to share, promote and drive word of mouth communication about your business. Twitter can provide you all of these benefits and then some, transforming your company into an up to date, tech savvy company, no matter what the services or products are that you provide.

Some of the major advantages of using Twitter with your company include:

– It’s free marketing. In business there really is nothing better than free.


– Easily notify your best customers of new products.

– Advertise job openings without spending money on or other websites.

– Have access to millions of other users who might like your product and also use Twitter.

A direct line of communication with your business to consumers is so important. You don’t want your company to just come off as some giant corporation, regardless of your size. Twitter gives you the ability to quickly and effectively send out short messages to your customers, letting them know important information. With this method, you can instantly let someone know about a private sale, just for them.

With Twitter and other social media sites, you do not just give ways for your current customers to follow you, but you also are able to give new individuals the ability to learn about your company and check you out as well. This is a free form of marketing, and while some say there is no such thing as free, opening a Twitter account and marketing your company without paying a dime says otherwise.

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