4 Surprisingly Simple Tips to Start Your AdWords Campaign

Recent changes to AdWords, are making the small business person’s life easier. We’re here to help you get started on an AdWords campaign with 4 tips so simple even a two-year old could do them (ok, maybe not a two-year old, but close enough).


1. Set your daily budget.

AdWords allows you to set a daily budget for your ads. Start by figuring how much you want to spend per year on online advertising, then divide by 365- the answer will be your daily budget. For more help with your advertising budget, check out our article on how to determine your CPC.

2. Create a buyer persona.

Before you can start advertising, you need to know your target audience. Do you target primarily businesses or consumers? What is the demographic of your customers? Knowing which markets you target will help you create ads specifically for those markets. If you need more help creating buyer personas, Hubspot has a free buyer persona template that walks you through the process.

3. Choose your keywords.

Once you’ve determined your audience, choose keywords that they would likely search. Stick with just a few for now, according to Entrepreneur, and add more as you go. For now, try choosing keywords that are less popular; popular keywords have a higher CPC and your daily budget will be depleted faster.

4. Include a benefit and a feature of your product.

In each ad you write, include a benefit to the consumer and a feature of your product. You probably know the features of your product backwards and forwards, but benefit to consumer is less tangible. What will your product do for the endusers? How will it make their lives easier? The answer to these questions will help you determine your product’s benefits.

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