Top 7 Google Adwords Life Hacks

To increase traffic to our website, we use a variety of Google Adword methods. It has taken years to develop these different variables and methods for generating the most traffic, but we have found these to be the top seven Google Adwords life hacks we can share that makes it far easier to not only bring in traffic to a
Hackswebsite, but to do it with the least expensive possible.

Increase Quality Score

Increasing the quality of the website is the most important Adword life hack possible. When the quality of the website increases, Google rewards the website by not only increasing the impression rate, but it also reduces the cost for an advertisement as well. For example, on a page we might have a 10/10 quality score, our CPC is often going to be half of what someone who has a 4/10 quality score, simply because Google wants to provide a better search result.

Write Ad Titles That Appeal to a Person’s Emotions

We want people to click on our ads, and the best way to do this is by connecting to their emotions. For example, for a clothing website, they can write “Look hotter than the girl next to you” as the title. Is it insane? A bit, but it grabs the reader’s attention and increases the chance of clicking our link.

Bid Multipliers

Google offers bid multipliers that can change the bid at certain times of the day and in certain regions. We always take advantage of this because some areas of the country will buy certain products more frequently.

Frequent Other Google Services

There is more to Google Adwords than just Google. Ads in Gmail and on YouTube receive more direct interest than a regular Google ad, so we always use this service and it always nets impressive results.

Delete or Change Keywords

We look over our keywords on Google Adwords. If anything is 3 or under, we delete. 4-6 we alter to boost and anything over a 7 we leave alone. 3 and under can actually harm the quality score.

Ads For Previous Visitors

97 percent of shoppers don’t buy something at the website. This is why creating re marketing ads for customers who have already visited the website is cheap, but is far more likely to result in a sale.

Display Ads

Image display ads have a click through rate of .31 percent. Text ads formatted as images receive .23 percent.

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